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Congrats on the job! Juggling can be tricky, exhausting and just plain tiring! You'll do great. :)


I wish I could grant you a few extra hours, because you SO deserve them. You are freaking awesome, JennO! ♥

Michelle Adams

Congrats! And ugh! Right????
I think that's why so much of my creativity has gone by the way side too. And I *only* work 25 hours a week...
Just how did your kids get so grown up?????? Or mine for that matter?
Yours are stunning!


You are AMAZING ... C-Louu is right. You've got your priorities right {and I can believe how grown up and beautiful all three of them are ... well okay, Seth is crazy handsome, not beautiful}. I'm sorry your plate is so full, but I hope your finding tiny moments to create and make sure your taking care of your passions too! XOXO

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